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Éomer Maltíro Theodensson
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OFFICIAL BIO: B. 3019 Third Age, d. 63 Fourth Age. Son of Éomund of Eastfold & Théodwyn of Edoras, sister-son/adopted son to King Théoden of Rohan, brother to Éowyn and cousin to Theodred. First of the Third Line of the Kings of Rohan; Third Marshall of Riddermark then eighteenth King of Rohan after the War of the Ring. Fought valiantly at Helm's Deep, Pelennor Field, and the Black Gate.

 Eomer! Doll painstakingly designed by Kielle -- do not stealCURRENT BIO: Survived the apocalyptic birth of the Fifth and Sixth Ages. Ousted from Edoras by my relatives, I spent a long time in the service of various Stewards and Kings before taking the throne in the absence of both. I now reside at the Stewards' Quarters in Minas Tirith, where I serve both as king of Gondor and Measse's maia. My holdover duties include ambassador to Dol Amroth, prince of Anorien, and owner of the Brand (a tavern/club in the former Rohan Embassy).

It is probably essential to point out that thanks to a cursed spring I tend to be, uh, well, female in the presence of cold water. As a result (and thanks to Boromir) I now have an infant son (being raised in Dol Amroth), his twin sister (growing up here in Minas Tirith), and a grown future version of said son (the current lord of Ithilien). My arranged marriage to Lothiriel is over; I am now married/soulbonded to Luthien. Yes, the Luthien. I stand as father to Beren's daughter Niphredil, and Luthy and I have an infant son named Drefan.

Of course, this is all moot as I currently appear to be dead. o.O

CLASSIC CANON QUOTE: "These are indeed strange days -- dreams and legends spring to life out of the grass."

Beruthiel: "Leeches have a way of making naughty patients very very calm!"
Éomer: "Leeches have a way of making me have to hide healers' bodies."
Luthien: "Calm down, Éomer."

RECENT QUOTE: I apologize for my absence over the weekend, but I had a good reason. Three, actually. The first is called "Irmotine's Day ;) ," the second is named "Luthien," and the third is something along the lines of "I'm feeling much better now, thank you, so the first person who interrupts this king's scheduled three days' worth of Private Time with his lovely (and much-neglected) wife will get pegged right between the eyes with a strawberry-scented heart-shaped candle, and believe me, melted strawberry-scented wax in the face is no joke." Seeing as everyone I know of still has their eyesight and all of my candles are accounted for, I'm glad to say that there were no mishaps.

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